An Introduction to Mission!

An Introduction to Mission!

One of our main fundamental pillars with momentum is Mission and that incorporates, purpose, meaning, success and what that truly looks like.

I remember for us here at MoMENtum for a lot of the time we were always searching for the external things when it came to you attaining success and meaning. Money, the nice house and car and the holidays and having a hot partner and all the rest was what we, and a lot of men deem to be “success”.

That's what we were led to believe is what makes us all happy what we sort of figured out over time is that by focusing on the external things we’re actually setting ourselves up for failure. Fulfillment is something we are all striving for and yet we found ourselves lacking this sense of fulfillment. One of the really important things that we've realized is that what you want to be looking for intrinsically motivated outcomes and using quality values to do so.

Start thinking about what are the intrinsic values that drive you? How do you qualify success and meaning in your life? Often we can get too caught up with our conditioning and we start to compare with the outside world with what we have, as a way of measuring our success against others. Tapping into your purpose, your mission is the single most important thing in a mans life.

As Nietzsche once said “he who has a why to live can bear almost any how”.