Blind Spots & Awareness

Blind Spots & Awareness

By Blake Worrall Thompson

So with momentum one of the things that us boys are really big on is laying the foundation of what we perceive to be the pathway to change and the first step in that is raising someone's awareness.

So there's so many elements to awareness. I won't go into all of them, but one of the things is that without that base level of awareness, big changes or behavioral change or any form of change is really challenging. The reason for that is that you can't own what you can't see. So in terms of taking ownership, which is obviously a really big component for us as well, you can't own what you can't see. So when we're talking about blind spots often, these are things that have been part of our reality or elements of our makeup that have been there for 10, 20, 30 years and we've just played out that reality.

Loosening your grip on what you believe to be true because what was created in the first seven years also known as your “imprint period” tends to run the course of your life until you start to choose otherwise. Something you can ask yourself when trying to loosen your grip is ask yourself.

Is that working for me?

Is it serving me?

Is there a better way to do it?

here's a number of things that you can do to increase your awareness. One of them is journaling which is a constant theme here at MoMENtum And another thing that I find from my personal experience and also with a number of other blokes having worked with both blokes and women is listening properly to the people around us. For whatever reason we tend to not listen properly to the important people around us who tend to know us really well and sometimes know us better than we know ourselves. In that is often something that they're saying which is our blind spot that we can't see or that we've had a lack of awareness around for potentially our whole lives.

So take some time to pay attention to your thoughts, to your beliefs, watch your habits and start to increase that awareness. when you increase the awareness and you start to see what's working for you. What's not then you're in a really good position to make change and long-term successful change.