Growth Vs Fixed Mindset

Growth Vs Fixed Mindset

By Janoah van Kekem

One of our major pillars for MoMENtum is Mindset. Mindset is how we view and perceive the world and situations and our ourselves and its profound in our ability to make positive change and also experience of life in general. There's a few different components of mindset and we'll work through them over time, but one in particular which is I'm sure most of you have heard of is the concept of growth versus fixed mindset.

People with fixed mindset think their level of intelligence or how they are now, their habits, the way things are, are static and can't be changed. They believe that they are the best they can ever be and they tend to be the kind of people who  never step out of their comfort zone. They have a fear of failing or being seen to be stupid or less intelligent because they don't believe that they can change or that things can change.

People with a growth mindset are more inclined to see trying new things as an opportunity for growth and they are aware and believe that if they do study or learn or make the effort that they can change and they can learn new skills. So in other words growth is similar to opportunity mindset. The concept that "oh, maybe I can get better at something" or "maybe I can change this old habit or this old belief pattern" equates to a growth mindset and this is the mindset we want to be striving for in our day to day lives.

If you want to make positive change in your life to be able to embody some of the characteristics of a growth and open mindset there is some great research by Carol Dweck. Her work is brilliant. It really stands apart the people that tend to perform better and live more expansively and they are those who have characteristics aligned to growth mindset.

You can change if you do happen to be that person who errs on the side of the fixed mindset. The first step is awareness. Do some awareness techniques and start checking in on some your thought processes so that the check in once a day looks like:

What am I thinking when I face an obstacle?

The next time I see an opportunity to try something different am I finding myself resisting it because I don't want to fail and be seen to be stupid?

Or do you have a thought process that aligns more with growth and how can you develop that further.

Yeah, this is this is cool. This is exciting if I fail, maybe I'll try something. I'll learn something new!

Something we want to be doing as frequently as possible is seeing challenges as opportunities.

Do you see them as a barriers or an obstacles? Focus on where your decision making comes from... is it fear based... or are you searching for opportunities of growth!