The Importance of Emotional Intelligence!

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence!

By Janoah van Kekem

We can often forget about the importance of emotional intelligence With so much talk and testing on IQ. Intelligence based on things like studying math, English, the sciences and things like that which are valuable and have places where they are invaluable, but a lot of the research actually suggests now that in terms of high performers what sets these people apart from the rest is their level of emotional intelligence, or EQ.

There are some key components to EQ and what they they are based around are things like self awareness, self regulation, empathy and understanding and also social skills and social awareness. These are important for us to get our heads around and the first step is awareness because I remember for me a big big thing was I thought I had my shit sorted! But as the cliche goes “I didn't know what I didn't know” So It can take a while to finally start having a little bit of awareness to get it right. To reflect on whether or not we actually sometimes act on emotion. So some simple things to start shifting that awareness which is so important because you can't change anything unless you're aware of it in the first place.

Step 1: Check in! Reflect on how you are feeling periodically throughout the day, you can even set an alarm if you like!

Step 2!:Ask more questions! Why did I say that way? Am I feeling alright now? Was that an appropriate way to respond?

Step 3: Ask for honest feedback! Say to someone you trust I want honest feedback… and make sure to not take it personally. Do not see it as an attack on you because at the end of the day we all have blind spots.

Step 4: Try journaling! Journaling on paper can start new ways of thinking and opens us to new perspectives Get things down on paper and you can go. “Wow. This is what I think about that.”

It is always our aim and goal to “Be A Better Man” and a big piece of that lies in EQ and taking personal responsibility for that ability to level up through self awareness.