Where it all began...

Where it all began...

The three guys had very different upbringings but at the same time also experienced struggles navigating the world of being a man.  


Blake had spent 15+ years as a PT and business owner, seemingly having it all together when he found himself at rock bottom; he lost his girlfriend, became bankrupt, got fired from three jobs, was homeless, directionless and felt the loneliest he had ever been.


Janoah had spent the last 10 years working mainly in the alcohol industry and battling with anxiety, destructive drinking patterns, peter pan syndrome and lack of purpose. Initially being a skeptic and very resistant to personal development or spirituality, it wasn’t until he met someone who he deemed as ‘normal’ that he opened up to doing the work. 


Dylan went through a heavy breakup which led to destructive drinking, loss of direction, drive and eventually dropping out of uni.  Despite looking from the outside it looked like he was living the life, he spent days unable to get out of bed and was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. He then moved home to Melbourne to be with his family and work through it. 


They had all thought about the ‘mens space’ on occasion or been told by friends they should look into it but weren’t sure how to approach it, or that guys would be interested.  While Blake and Janoah had been mates for years, Blake and Dylan were just acquaintances.  


The catalyst to take action came after being told on many occasions by some of his female clients to look into working with men, so Blake decided it was time to give it a crack and got on the phone to Janoah who randomly also had a few women in his network mention the same thing to him.  Blake then got onto Dyls as had been working in the Mens space with the Roos Mens Club and was the right fit.  


They all got on a zoom call, Janoah was midway through his third Margarita in Sri Lanka and decided they were all on the same page and that no one in the space was doing things how they would.  Within 6 weeks they put together their first live event in Sydney which sold out.  Janoah and Dylan had never met and presented together on the night. It went amazing and the feedback was strong.  


The boys continued with a live event in Melbourne and some workshops and free men's groups, while juggling their own businesses on the side.  They then launched their first 12 week Mentorship with great success and have continued to build on that ever since.