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MoMENtum Webinar: Building Blocks To Being A Better Man

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Webinar Screening: Building Blocks to Being a Better Man 

When: Wednesday 12th August 7:30pm AEST

Are you feeling the pressure to show up at your best as a man and have it all together, but not sure where to start? Maybe you have this underlying feeling there is something more, but not sure what that looks like...

If you are a female maybe you know someone who is experiencing this?

Join the men of MoMENtum as they discuss all things manhood in the 21st century, from dealing with stress and 'failure' to navigating the realms of masculinity.

'I had always struggled to find like minded guys who were interested in and looking to improve in the men's health space. Including regular zoom chats, book/podcast recommendations, interviewing amazing people and sharing any knowledge and content the boys have to try help any person no matter what background.

From this I have now read more books in last 4 months than previous 34 years, I meditate daily and have some great clarity as to where I am heading in life.'

- Simon (Community Member)

Using a combined 25 years of experience in personal development, nutrition, physical fitness, meditation, NLP, mindset work and leadership, we bring you our introductory webinar to cultivate a roadmap toward being a better man.

The Webinar is a recorded slide presentation with a live chat box so you can watch it and engage via the question box during the time of the screening.


What's Covered:

  • The struggles we face as men and the concept of Masculinity

  • The pathway to positive change


  • Personal challenges, experiences and the tools we us in our own lives

  • Key themes and tools to stimulate thought and help us step up and create the life we want

You Receive:

  • 90 Minute Webinar presentation recorded by Blake, Dylan and Janoah.

  • Ability to pause and rewind / rewatch at your own pace

  • Live chat / question box to ask your questions during the webinar

  • Take away Calming Focus Scan Technique to use going forward

  • Recorded version to rewatch at any time

Join us for: $49 Inc GST AUD


'After attending a workshop with my husband, who is usually not too open to his own personal development, we have had deeper conversations around how I can best support his growth - and he even started meditating! I never thought I'd see the day. Thank you Momentum!'

Hollie - (Past Workshop Attendee)

For Men: This Webinar is designed to help you take the first steps to unlock your full potential in your career and relationships. 

For Women: This Webinar will help you get a better understanding of what is like to be a man and the struggles we face to show up at our best, sharing how to support the men in your life moving forward.