Your Kickstart to... Finding Balance + Unlocking Purpose + building confidence.

Price $97
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Duration 21 days
Format Online / pre recorded

It’s perfect for men who;

  • Are stuck in a rut, feeling lost or find themselves living on autopilot and trapped in Groundhog Day.
  • Are lacking motivation, passion and the drive they once had.
  • Are looking for the first step, tools and clear actions to start seeing changes in their lives.
  • Want to shift their mindset around wealth.
  • Want more balance and better sleep.
  • Know they can be better and want to take back control of their lives.


  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Daily short videos with a topic and task that will help you move one step closer to creating the life you want
  • Daily prompts to get your mind firing
  • Access to the moMENtum Mens Community
  • Bonus workshop on 'Wealth Mindset'
  • Bonus workshop on 'Sleep and Stress'
  • Bonus Reboot Mens Expert Panel Interview with some Men of moMENtum
  • Clarity on ares of your life you want to work on and access to programs moving forward to help you do that
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What could life look like if you took action?

We save you the hard road we took combining some of the best minds with over 30 years’ combined knowledge to provide you with the tools you need to begin your journey to self mastery, finding fulfilment and getting clear on what is really true to you.

Once you’ve completed this program, you’ll have a simple but effective framework for bettering yourself and taking control of your life again.

In the next 21 days you’ll learn the following;

  • The importance of ‘self awareness’ and why it’s the most important piece for fast transformations
  • The difference between a ‘life by design’ and a ‘life by default’ and how most people aren’t living their best lives through default
  • How to develop unbreakable confidence
  • How to create deeper connections with your partner and the important people in your life
  • How to access your true fulfilment and why many of us have been led astray with what we THINK is our fulfilment
  • How what you are doing on a daily basis is blocking your success
  • How to shift your mindset around wealth
  • How to set your self up for better sleep and stress management

What is it going to cost you to stay the same?

This is the most basic first step you can take.
This program is perfect for committed men who are ready for change.
Is that you?

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